A London Thames Party Boat

London Boat Party on the Thames at night


Cruise packages:
Disco / Lunch + Tea / Dinner / Christmas / New Year's Eve / Special Events / Boat Hire


Unique to London's nightlife, the Thames Disco Cruise in London is extremely popular. We offer excellent value for money, aim to use the best quality Thames party boats available and all in all, provide a great night out. An ideal venue for a Hen night in London, an Office Party, a Birthday Party or just a good ol' Friends night out.

Add the every changing, illuminated river Thames scenery to the sounds of a top Thames DJ, a supper buffet meal, drinks at reasonable prices and an overall great party atmosphere, we think you'll be hard pushed to find a better value night out in London for just £32! 

Why book with us.....
Our vast experience and company history means that we can lay claim to being a top Thames Party Organiser, with the Thames Disco Cruise being one of our beloved treasures! In comparison to some of the other operators; some of whom place their bookings on the same boats we use anyway, we promise you a happy booking experience and will always provide prompt answers to any questions you may have. Afterall, your party's pleasure is our satisfaction!

Thames Party Boat Cruise - £32.00pp

Thames Party Boat Cruise with FREE Nightclub Entrance Afterwards - £32.00pp